What We Do

Our experts provide authoritative and binding determinations on technical and contractual issues in building disputes. Drawing from years of industry experience, we assess evidence, conduct thorough analyses, and deliver well-founded decisions that help parties move forward.


Our Process

Here is an overview of the typical process you can expect when engaging with us for building dispute expert determination.

Disputing Party - Expert Determination Request

A form/letter requesting an Expert to independently determine a dispute is submitted by the parties (or one party).

Conflict of Interest Assessment

The Expert conducts a conflict-of-interest assessment.

Expert Acceptance and Declaration

Acceptance letter issued. COI Declaration Executed.

Preliminary Conference

Preliminary Conference held between the parties to run through the PC Agenda. At this meeting, the ED agreement is discussed. A 50% deposit of fees is required prior to commencement.

ED Agreement Execution

Post the Preliminary Conference, the ED Agreement is finalised and issued to the parties for execution. (The contract may be executed at the Preliminary Conference if amenable)

Expert Determination Period

The Expert conducts the assessment pursuant to the 2016 Resolution Institute Expert Determination Rules

Expert Determination Report Drafted

The Expert drafts the determination report. (The average determination could take between 1 – 4 weeks.

Expert Determination Report Released

Prior to the release of the report, the Expert requires any remaining fees to be paid. The parties are issued with the Expert Determination

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